The Vyshakh & Lalitha Inn, both house lavish banquet halls and elegant meeting rooms. Keeping every necessity in mind, we service occasions with ultramodern amenities in a setting that resonates with the ageĀ­old traditions of the town.

Our role in your celebration is beyond just providing the space. We also understand the significance of weddings, receptions or family ceremonies. And we know our role is to listen to what you tell us. To give you ideas and options. To help with whatever you ask, or find the people who can, and do our bit to ensure that all is seamless on that special day. Needless to say, we go the extra mile to make occasions all the more memorable.
If you've imagined it, we can make it happen. Let's do this your way. What you imagine, is what we paint the occasion to be.
For Extravagant/Budget Weddings, Receptions & Any Other Events Contact our Events Management Team
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